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Sage Vacation Rentals and Chelan Concierge wish you a seamless wonderful vacation experience.  Whether this is your first visit to Lake Chelan or your 20th, we strive to foster unforgettable memories for your family.  It’s time to sit back, relax and have fun after all you are at the Lake!

Brews and Business After Hours

Business After Hours with Sage Vacation Rentals takes place this week on November 20th from 6-7pm! Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties are happy to be your host for November Business After Hours. We've remodeled our reception and office areas and are excited for you to see them. Enjoy some appetizers, local wine, door prizes, and some social time with your fellow Chamber members! RSVP, if you haven't already by calling (509) 682-3503 or email  

Manson Village - Village of Lights is entering its third weekend! This weekend, Lake Chelan Brewery is hosting the "Tis the Season Beer & Cheese warm up" on November 22nd from 4-7pm! Come and choose from a wide variety of beer and cheese and get warm with this fun event in downtown Manson. 

More about Lake Chelan Brewery from the owners:

"Lake Chelan Brewery is a nano-brewery located in downtown Manson, Washington that was created for the love of beer! We brew delicious and diverse beers and welcome the beer community and beyond.

At LCB, we currently produce 4 house beers-- Manson Beach Blonde, Mackinaw Red Amber, Devil's Backbone IPA and Imperial Prize Fighter Irish Stout. These tasty brews are created in-house, using only the finest ingredients and Lake Chelan's glacier fed water. 

Make Lake Chelan Brewery your vacation destination. Relax and sample some of our beers, or grab a snack and growler to bring with you on the boat!" - Lake Chelan Brewery

Save Money this Year on Your Family Vacation by inviting another family!

A rebounding economy means that many Americans are ready to splurge on summer vacation again. If you're still looking for the perfect summer getaway, Lake Chelan offers some great ways to save money! 1. Collaborate with friends. Renting a large beach house with a group of friends can be more affordable than traveling with just immediate family. Since lake houses can often accommodate multiple families, this method often reduces the cost significantly. Sage Rentals has several larger homes that would accommodate a couple of families to share in cost.

2. Pay for the trip in advance. Saving up for a vacation ahead of time is the best way to make sure it doesn't end up on a credit card. Setting aside an amount for a vacation fund at the start of the year can ensure your days on the beach aren't ruined by anxiety over debt.

3. Sharing the cost of food. Here is a great website that shares ideas on how to share the cost of food between families and great meal ideas!

4. Bring your own everything. Packing your own snacks, water bottles and even a bike can reduce daily expenses on the road. Anyone traveling by air, however, will want to adopt the opposite strategy, since many airlines now charge to check bags.

5. Things to do in Chelan without spending money. Lake Chelan offers some amazing things to do without spending money... like hanging out at Don Morse park With 2,000 feet of waterfront Don Morse Park is 40 acres of fun! This area is wonderful for swimming, boating or just relaxing in the sun. They are a year round facility that offers entertainment and activities with each season. Don Morse Park is open to the public daily from 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. unless otherwise posted or authorized by the City of Chelan.  There is a $5 parking fee for the day. So maybe consider walking or commuting together.

morse park chelan

Another great place to hang out for the day is Lakeside Park. This park is located on the south shore of Lake Chelan. It is bordered by Highway 97A, Lake Chelan, Best Western Motel and private residences. Access to the site from Highway 97A and Johnson Place.

Lakeside Park gently slopes toward the lake, is ideal for swimming and boating and offers a variety of mature shade trees and grassy areas.

Lakeside Park, Chelan, WA  98816

Facilities at the park include: One sand volleyball court, a basketball half court, 840 square foot restroom facility, 32,165 square feet of parking, 17,500 square feet of sandy beach and swimming area, and 10 picnic tables. Open to the public daily from 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. unless otherwise posted or authorized by the City of Chelan.  There is NOT a parking fee.

There is also several walking trails around Chelan. Whether just walking the loop downtown or going to Echo Ridge which is great place to hike year round.  Here is a fantastic site that shares maps and information about Echo Ridge.


Winterfest 2014!!

Winterfest 2014!!

Winterfest in Lake Chelan is coming up this next weekend January 17-19!! Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce will again be hosting the annual Lake Chelan Winterfest Festival. The charming town is transformed in to a winter paradise for our annual event. Marvel at the outdoor gallery of ice sculptures created by many talented international sculptors. This year’s Winterfest will see the return of incredible ice sculptures, live music all weekend long, the beach bonfire, polar bear splash and fireworks!

A Lake For All Seasons- Real Food Traveler

Lake Chelan, WA: A Lake for All Seasons- REAL FOOD TRAVELER

Swimming pool at Lake Cheland Shores overlooking Lake Chelan, WA

Washington’s Lake Chelan offers food, wine, and fun—year round.

Killer views of the lake! That is what Chelan Butte in the state of Washington is all about.

There are two ways to the top of Chelan Butte and three ways back down. We choose driving up the Butte, but did not go full speed ahead as the road can be narrow and has some pot holes. The other option is to hike up the road which is a two mile hike and 1,400 foot gain, so a good workout. We saved the workout for a later hike. Once at the top, we relaxed and were treated to glorious views of the mighty Columbia River, serene Lake Chelan, and surrounding Entiat Mountains.

Mostly flat The Show Trail Lake Chelan

The Shoe trail is an easy, mostly flat pathway with plenty of wildflowers and lovely views.

On the way down, we were lucky to enjoy spring wildflowers. We also saw others taking the third way down – paragliding –a thrilling way to experience the killer view. However, we decided it was safer to remain earthbound.

We then took the short ride to Echo Ridge just north of Lake Chelan. In the winter, this area boasts more than 25 miles of groomed cross country trails. This spring day our goal was views, a short hike, checking out wildflowers, and then an afternoon nap.

spring wildflowers, Lake Chelan, WA

Wildflowers abound at Lake Chelan.

The old saying is “if the shoe fits wear it.” Our hike was aptly named The Shoe. You know that you’re at the correct trail by the tiny shoe hanging next to the trail sign. This hike is excellent for beginners (or the not-so-ambitious). It’s a 2.25 mile loop with some minor ups and down with views of Lake Chelan and the surrounding rolling hills.

After our hike, we got in a short power nap, but hunger set in so it was dinner time. At the Vin du Lac Bistroin Lake Chelan, we were in for a special treat. Chef Nina Criscuolo was training a new assistant and we were her only guests. Nina has more than 20 years of experience, including culinary training in Italy. She also learned from her dad, Jerry, who operated a famous pizzeria in San Francisco. Tina’s roots in the industry go all the way back to her grandparents who ran a restaurant in Sorrento, Italy. Good food is definably a family passion – the fine restaurant Sorrento in Lake Chelan is run by her brother and dad.

fruit at Vin du Lac Bistro, Lake Chelan, WA

Fresh fruits make a pretty plate at Vin du Lac Bistro.

Chef Nina first rolled out Jumbo Prawns served with Spicy Créole Remoulade . This had a nice gentle kick and a garlic and butter accent that paired wonderfully with Vie Viognier. The wine’s crisp citrus notes really highlighted the seafood. The wine is from Vin du Lac (wine of the lake) in Chelan. The winery’s tasting room is open during the day so you can sample all of their wines. However, tonight the wine and food were paired for us.

Next, we were served Quinoa and Kale Mediterranean Salade. This salad, with fresh cherry tomatoes, capers and tangy balsamic vinaigrette, with was both tasty and healthy. (Nina’s mantra is healthy food, which is the theme of her forthcoming cookbook). We also enjoyed Barrel Select Malbec along with Steak Roulade, made with locally-sourced beef. The rich taste of the wine enhanced the favors of the steak.

Before leaving, we chatted briefly with winemaker/owner Larry Lehmbecker. Larry’s wines have won awards that go back to his first vintage in 2002. Larry also worked with others in Lake Chelan Valley to get the official federal destination in 2009as an American Viticulture Area (AVA). The next day we planned to enjoy more of the great wines and scenery of this special AVA.

“You are wasting your money on wine grapes,” so-called experts said about growing wine grapes in the Lake Chelan area. They were wrong. Record cold temperatures to the north have reached -30 F, certainly cold enough to cause major damage to grapes. Luckily, Lake Chelan’s weather is much milder. Why? This huge lake (55 miles long and 1,486 feet deep) acts as a heat sump, storing the heat from summer, and making winter lake water temperatures in the 40’s, not warm enough for swimming, but warm enough to moderate the area’s weather.

Lake Chelan wine bottles

It’s all about good food and wine at Lake Chelan.

In summer, parts of the lake warm to the 70’s to the joy of both swimmers and growers. The warm water extends the growing season and minimizes frost issues. The difference in temperatures between the land and water along with the deep valleys can also generate winds that minimize mildew on the vines.

Sampling Lake Chelan Wines

We started with a glass of Stormy Mountain White and enjoyed this zesty tasting wine while viewing Stormy Mountain on the horizon. This is 100% Syrah, which is a red grape, but this white wine was the result of an experiment during a bad weather season. They created a white wine by using a minimum time for grape skins in tank. This happy experiment won Chelan Lake a double gold medal. We also really liked the Pinot Gris with its touch of sweetness; a perfect wine for sipping on a warm summer day.

Ray Sandidge, known as the “wine guru of Lake Chelan Valley,” is the winemaker. Ray has more than 25 years in the trade with experience ranging from Germany to Washington.

Winemaker Katy Perry on left and Milum Perry, Tildio winery

Winemaker Katy Perry and husband Milum Perry of Tildio Winery are some of the talented folks who make Lake Chelan special.

We headed next to Tildio Winery to check out Katy Perry’s wines. Katy majored in Enology (winemaking) at UC Davis. She modestly insists that she headed for college when no one would give her a job in Napa. That changed quickly after college as Katy became a winemaking star, working in Napa for 10 years at many of the area’s fine wineries. Next she worked in Washington at Ste. Chateau St. Michelle, honing her skills with some of the area’s elite winemakers. After several years at St. Michelle, Kay opened her own Tildio Winery just outside of Lake Chelan.

The day we visited, Katy was out of town, but her able assistant and husband, Milum, was on hand. He first poured the Chardonnay, a lightly oaked wine with light vanilla notes. This wine would be perfect with crab cakes or shrimp. The Rosado was served next, with a soft fruit nose and a light peach finish. This one is definably a sit-in-the-sun with some cheese and crackers drink.

Then we moved on to several reds. Our favorite was the Estate Cabernet Franc, with a rich taste light on tannins and a slightly smoky taste and nose. Milum said this interesting combination of flabvors resulted from 20 months of aging in French oak barrels, and, of course, Katy’s magic. This wine would pair perfectly with a nice cut of roost beef.

Savoring the Spring Flavors

All this talk about wine and food pairing led to our next stop, “Savor the Flavor of Spring,” a dinner event at Campbell’s Resort. One of the highlights at Campbell’s was chatting with local winemakers/owners and the hosts of Campbell’s. We talked about wine making, family adventures, and got to know these fine folks a little bit.

Food at Vin du Lake Bistro Lake Chelan

Pairing the right wine can make dishes really sing.

Between chatting, we enjoyed all the fine foods, my favorite being the Duck Ravioli with Sage Beurre Blanc Sauce. The lightly buttered and tender duck woke up my taste buds with the sprinkling of chopped mushrooms and onions. The duck paired perfectly with the Benson 2009 Estate Pinot Noir. This Pinot is a light red and the cherry notes really brought out the soft flavors of the duck. After three hours, it was time to bid farewell to our new-found friends.

Lake Chelan Shoreswas our home for the weekend and we retreated there after dinner. These modern units offer views of Lake Chelan and Clean Butte. The next morning we sat on the patio watching the clouds and colors streaming over the hills. We did not have time to enjoy the barbeque or the swimming pool since we promised Jeff Benson of Benson Vineyard a visit before we left.

Benson Vineyard Lake Chelan

Many of the wineries like Benson Vineyard offer relaxing places to sip wine and enjoy the views.

Benson Vineyard is just a few minutes outside of Lake Chelan and sits on top the hillside with views of the Lake and the mountains. The tasting room is in a Mediterranean style building, a beautiful setting for weddings and other events. Benson Vineyard is a family business with dad, brother Scott (winemaker) and Jeff (who is Mr. Everything). We tasted a number of his wines, but the Pinot Noir remained our favorite.

Lake Chelan is truly a lake for all seasons. Lake Chelan Wine Valley organizes events by year around. We highly recommend visiting a number of times through the year before trying to pick a favorite season!—Story by Michael Fagin, photos by Elizabeth Fagin

Michael Fagin

Michael Fagin


Golfing Anyone?


Lake Chelan is a great place to enjoy a round of golf or two! Two great courses, the first is the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course they offer 18 holes overlooking the lake. Pro shop, rental, & snack bar. Open 7 days a week during daylight hrs in summer.   Next you have the Bear Mountain Ranch, The Golf Course at Bear Mountain Ranch is a championship level 18-hole public play course providing residents and visiting golfers with upscale services and amenities.  The course was recently ranked as one of the top six new golf courses in the United States, by PGA Professionals.  ENJOY!!  And be sure to INSTAGRAM us your photos @sagerentals